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Gusto matto by GALVAS

‘Gusto matto’ stores were created by Galvas Company. Gusto matto means ‘crazy taste ‘ in Italian and the company’s aim is the expansion of the ice cream business with small privately owned stores or franchise ones ,in different tourist locations. Gusto matto stores’ aim is to sell high quality products such as traditional ice cream and products that have to do with ice cream like waffles, milk shakes, popsicles, mini ice creams , individual sweets etc.

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Gusto Matto

In Gusto Matto stores one could travel back in time through the traditional recipes of an authentic Italian ice-cream gelato.

More than 40 flavours

With a variety that consists of over 40 unique ice-cream flavours.


In the center of Sidirokastro square you can find Gusto Matto store at 9th Venizelou str.

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