At the entrance of the town of Sidirokastro (from Serres) you will find our shop.

On the street: Vas. Georgiou 96

Thessaloniki 1

Pastry shop GALVAS

Now and in Thessaloniki you will find our new store.
On the street: G. Lambraki & Pausilipou

Serres 1

At the entrance of the city of Serres (from Thission) you will find our 1st store.

Just at the junction of the streets: P. Tsaldari & P.Mela

Thessaloniki 2

NEW Pastry shop GALVAS

The 2ο in Thessaloniki.

Delfon & 28 October corner

Serres 2

In the center of the city of Serres, opposite the church of the honest cross, you will find the 2nd store.

At the junction of the streets: G. Papandreou & Justinianou.

Thessaloniki 3

NEW Pastry shop GALVAS

the 3rd in Thessaloniki.

Under construction Thessaloniki